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Lisa Cole is a creative activist, writer, producer and director, who amplifies underrepresented voices and exposes social injustices. Her film "Bienvenidos a Los Angeles", inspired by a true story of immigration, won the 2023 Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase, sponsored by Viola Davis. A former Regional Finalist winner of the Student Academy Awards, Lisa co-wrote the feature screenplay, "Diamond Girls" with Selena Gomez attached to star. Her screenplay "Girl Named Sue" won the Page International Screenplay contest and was being produced by acclaimed filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallee until his untimely passing. The project continues to be in development with Academy Award winning producer Laura Bickford and Jean-Marc’s producing partner Nathan Ross.


Having lived with 201 host families across 12 countries in just three years, Lisa’s diverse background fuels her storytelling. She has directed and produced documentaries for The Gates Foundation, Sundance Institute, Viacom, BET, and A&E, focusing on women's health and safety in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya. A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, Lisa serves on the board of the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. She lives with her partner, Mark Monroe, and their two children in Los Angeles.



She lived with 201 host families in 12 countries in a span of 3 years.


Lisa dreams of owning a Mezcal brand and believes she must have Latin ancestry, although 23andme and both claim she has none.

Her first job was serving beer at age 12 at a hotel pool bar In Arkansas.


She breastfed her adopted infant daughter for fifteen months much to the bewilderment of medical professionals, who really should know better.

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