Lisa Cole is an award-winning writer and director, whose screenplay, “Girl Named Sue”, films March 2021 with Shailene Woodley starring. Laura Bickford, Jean-Marc Vallee and Nathan Ross are producing. Accolades include: 2019 Final Draft Fellow / Stowe Story Narrative Lab; Winner, Page International Screenwriting Awards; Nicholl Fellowship Quarter-Finalist; Slamdance Top 10 Scripts; Best Screenplay Ojai Film Festival; Recipient Samuel Arkoff Filmmaking Award and Student Academy Awards Regional Finalist Winner.
Former gigs include A&E, VH1, MTV, BET, The Gates Foundation, Sundance Institute and the stage.  Her work has taken her all over the world including directing documentaries about women’s health and safety issues in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nairobi, Kenya.  


A board member of the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Cole attended Loyola Marymount University School of Film & Television and resides in Los Angeles with her husband documentarian Mark Monroe and their two kiddos. 


She lived with 201 host families in 12 countries in a span of 3 years.


Lisa dreams of owning a Mezcal brand and believes she must have Latin ancestry, although 23andme and both claim she has none.

Her first job was serving beer at age 12 at a hotel pool bar In Arkansas.


And...she breastfed her adopted infant daughter for fifteen months much to the bewilderment of medical professionals, who really should know better.